Talent Search

The objective of Talent Search program is to help students to realize their inner potential by discovering their hidden talent. Under this program Olaforent organizes sports contests and aptitude tests at all Government public schools at all the project locations.
There are many enthusiastic children in Government public schools that like to excel in sports or participate in state & national level aptitude contests but do not have any support from their school. To encourage these students Olaforent organizes talent tests locally in their village schools under the supervision of project committees and the school staff. Cash prizes, Trophies and certificates are given to the winners. Olaforent also facilitate the inter-school contests as part of this program.
In addition to organizing the contests in village schools, Olaforent also works with the schools and children to form teams and participate in the District, State and National-level contests which otherwise are accessible only to the students at private schools at urban areas.
help identify talent

Donate a Tractor

Donate a tractor to a community

Donate a tractor to enable a rural community to mechanically work the land and help them expand and make a living that allows their children to go to school.

Sponsor Solar / Lantern

Solar light distribution

Sponsor solar panel/lantern and help a village student compete with their counterparts in urban schools.


Sensitization on HIV/AIDS and malaria

Sponsor HIV/AIDS sensitization and help in the prevention of malaria by distributing mosquito nets.

Volunteer Uganda

volunteer in africa

Take part in a volunteering project in Uganda and help individuals to become self-sufficient through community outreach.