Rain Water Harvesting

Water Long periods without rainfall can devastate families who are dependent on agriculture for their food as well as their income.  As climate change makes weather patterns less predictable, it is the poorest who are suffering the worst.
We are working the local communities to cope with drought by helping to develop drought resistant crops, protect livestock and conserve precious water.
With a better understanding of the risks they face, and a range of skills to draw on, communities are able to prepare themselves to be able to cope in times of need.
We are looking for people of good will to help in training the communities in Rain water harvesting and also help in financing the building of either underground tanks or or open tanks to help in the irrigation of the local farmers gardens during the long dry spells that are common in these areas.
The system involves collecting rain in a tank below the surface of the ground, to be used for market gardening. The tanks are built using effective water conservation methods to reduce evaporation and can hold up to 15,000 - 30,000 litres of water. 
Help in Rain water harvesting

Donate a Tractor

Donate a tractor to a community

Donate a tractor to enable a rural community to mechanically work the land and help them expand and make a living that allows their children to go to school.

Sponsor Solar / Lantern

Solar light distribution

Sponsor solar panel/lantern and help a village student compete with their counterparts in urban schools.


Sensitization on HIV/AIDS and malaria

Sponsor HIV/AIDS sensitization and help in the prevention of malaria by distributing mosquito nets.

Volunteer Uganda

volunteer in africa

Take part in a volunteering project in Uganda and help individuals to become self-sufficient through community outreach.