Merit Awards

The objective of Merit Awards program is to create a competitive spirit among children and honor/decorate meritorious children studying in different village schools located in the region. This program treats all children equally irrespective of their school, financial strengths, cast or religion. This program sends a message to all students that every child is capable of achieving highest rank regardless of their school, gender, class, race, religion or disability.
Donors can setup an award in their name or their loved ones under this program. They can setup an annual merit award by donating US$200 per year or setup a permanent award by donating US$1500.
Initially a few village schools will be selected for giving merit awards. Project committee members in that region will be publishing a pamphlet describing the details of the merit awards. These pamphlets will be distributed in all schools (including private and government schools) located in the selected region. Award will be given to a winning students annually based on the pre-announced criteria.
The example of criteria is, the highest marks received by the students in primary or secondary standard. In this case the award can be given to the student who scores highest marks out of all schools available in that selected (pre-announced) region/school. The award criteria may be different for each award. Award is given in the name of sponsoring donor.
Award is announced in the beginning of the academic year in which award is setup. All students studying in the participating schools are automatically enrolled in this competition The same award is repeated every year until unless the change is announced in all participating schools.
Donate a Merit Award

Donate a Tractor

Donate a tractor to a community

Donate a tractor to enable a rural community to mechanically work the land and help them expand and make a living that allows their children to go to school.

Sponsor Solar / Lantern

Solar light distribution

Sponsor solar panel/lantern and help a village student compete with their counterparts in urban schools.


Sensitization on HIV/AIDS and malaria

Sponsor HIV/AIDS sensitization and help in the prevention of malaria by distributing mosquito nets.

Volunteer Uganda

volunteer in africa

Take part in a volunteering project in Uganda and help individuals to become self-sufficient through community outreach.