Fruit Trees for Households

Teso region in Uganda where Olilim village is located is well known for producing most of the orange fruits and mangoes enjoyed all over the country because of the type of weather found in this region. However, the local communities lack the skills and knowledge in the trees and fruit, resulting in low production. 
Another disadvantage that the local farmers get even if the grow the oranges is they are often unable to sell them for a profit as they are not the varieties required by large buyers such as juice processing plants and supermarkets. 
Farmers in Teso are ideally placed to benefit from the increased demand for mangoes and oranges both locally and internationally. There are also well-advanced plans to build a fruit processing factory in the region, providing market opportunities for farmers. To benefit from this, and similar opportunities, farmers must first grow the right orange and mango varieties to the required quality. 
Besides oranges, we are also going to educate the communities on the importance of every household to planting other fruit types including pawpaw (papaya), bananas and passion fruits and mangoes.
Fruit tree-Papaya
Fruit farming helps in reforestation and the benefits can not be overemphasized:  trees help to filter water, combat salinity, clean the air and increase flows into water catchments.  They also provide food and shelter not only to humans but also to wildlife.  They are an integral part of the country's biodiversity.
We therefore intend to increase farmers’ knowledge and skills in relation to fruit farming, increasing harvest quality and quantity by:
  • Introducing tree nurseries 
  • Train the local poulation in citrus farming and management
  • Train the communities in water harvesting and management to help improve the fruit gardens
  • set up demonstration gardens to show the wider community recommended practices around the planting and management of fruit trees. Owned and managed by group members, the plots will motivate local community members to either improve their fruit farming practices or become involved with growing oranges. 
  • Help farmers identify markets for their fruits.

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Donate a Tractor

Donate a tractor to a community

Donate a tractor to enable a rural community to mechanically work the land and help them expand and make a living that allows their children to go to school.

Sponsor Solar / Lantern

Solar light distribution

Sponsor solar panel/lantern and help a village student compete with their counterparts in urban schools.


Sensitization on HIV/AIDS and malaria

Sponsor HIV/AIDS sensitization and help in the prevention of malaria by distributing mosquito nets.

Volunteer Uganda

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Take part in a volunteering project in Uganda and help individuals to become self-sufficient through community outreach.