Girl Child Empowerment

Though many governments are committed to providing equal education for girls, in practice girls are more likely to drop out of school than boys.The Girl-child Empowerment aims at providing educational scholarships to bright and promising disadvantaged girls to further their education.  Read More ....

Planting Trees to Combat Deforestation

Our reforestation programs focus on establishing and maintaining tree nurseries, educating communities about the positive environmental impacts of reforestation, and strengthening economic development.  Read More...

HIV/AIDS Care & Social Services

We provide public awareness of the dangers, effects and consequences of HIV/AIDS to the children, youth and the general public, through dissemination of information on HIV/AIDS, voluntary HIV/AIDS counseling, testing, and support for positive living. Read More .....

Olilim Agro-foresters & Environmentalists

Welcome to Olilim Agro-foresters and Environmentalists!      Donate to a cause of your choice

Olilim Agro-foresters and Environmentalists is a community based Organization/Association that is formed  as a response to the alarmist situations of chronic poverty, earlymarriages, low agricultural productivity, adverse effects of  global warming notwithstanding. 
It also aims at bringing together members of Olilim community in Katakwi district to use maximally their potentials, opportunities and resources in farming, Beekeeping, massive tree planting to save the environment and extinction in future of certain species of trees like the shea nut tree that have been grossly cut down for charcoal.
                                             Massive tree planting
Most of the community is faced with challenges like lack of capital, lack of access to ready markets, post-harvestlosses, low agricultural production and the wavering weather conditions that are not predictable thus need for adaptation to climatic changes and variability. 
Recent researches have prompted the formation of this Organization. For instance Global Warming is among the most alarming environmental issues that the world faces today. The adverse effects of Global Warming have become more and more apparent since the dawn of the 20th Century with more hurricanes and tropical storms causing massive destruction in different areas around the world. 
Our situation is not exceptional; we have had variations in rainfall patterns and constant floods in Teso sub-region where we are located. It is estimated that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen to 34% and by 2050 15-37% of our plant and animal species could be wiped out according to Sarah Ssewanyana in her research paper of 2010 “Combating chronic poverty in Uganda
Towards a new strategy.” Chronic poverty is equally prevalent as a transient poverty in Teso sub-region and this call for a different kind of anti-poverty intervention and public support. Addressing agricultural productivity is likely to play a significant role in the fight against chronic poverty.
On the climatic changes a Ricardian analysis was done and it was found out that increasing rainfall due to climate change and variability led to loss in cereal harvests(millet) output by 2.8%. It is evident that climatic change and variability has had a significant impact on Agriculture production in Teso/Uganda, hence the need to promote Adaptation strategies
There is a need to create credit Institutions to support farmers, developing irrigation infrastructure and provision of both climate and Agricultural information on better technologies for farmers in Teso/Uganda as a whole. Cf. the impact of climate change and Variability on Agricultural production: Adaptation strategies in Teso sub-region of Eastern Africa. By Ekiyar V et al, September 28th 2012. This kind of background is the brain child behind the founding of Olilim Agro-foresters and Environmentalists

Donate a Tractor

Donate a tractor to a community

Donate a tractor to enable a rural community to mechanically work the land and help them expand and make a living that allows their children to go to school.

Sponsor Solar / Lantern

Solar light distribution

Sponsor solar panel/lantern and help a village student compete with their counterparts in urban schools.


Sensitization on HIV/AIDS and malaria

Sponsor HIV/AIDS sensitization and help in the prevention of malaria by distributing mosquito nets.

Volunteer Uganda

volunteer in africa

Take part in a volunteering project in Uganda and help individuals to become self-sufficient through community outreach.